Fish Houses of Sneads Ferry

Although our local Seafood Houses buy & sell tens of thousands of pounds of fresh local Shrimp, Fish, Oysters, Clams, Crabs, etc to wholesale markets, they will also gladly sell it directly to the public, so please stop by and let them show you how to head & peel shrimp, fillet fish or shuck oysters and clams.

Obviously, "the market" regulates the price but I have found that our local delicious shrimp generally run 3-5 dollars a pound, which is far, far less then what you will pay in a grocery store where they charge 10 - 12 dollars a pound, so stop by and watch our local fishermen haul in their catch from the boat and if you ask them nicely they might even head them for you (a heading fee may apply).

Did you know that shrimp are counted by weight ? Something like: 10-15, 12-16, 18-20, 20-26, 30-34, etc. so the smaller the number the bigger the shrimp.


Bowmans Seafood: 327-8931 - 137 Everett Ln. (On the Landing)

Davis Seafood: 327-4081 - 155 Davis Lane (Near the high rise bridge)

Everetts Seafood: 327-2216 - 121 Hall Point Rd (Behind Riverview Cafe')

Grants Oyster House: 327-3351 - 1142 Old Folkstone Rd. (Next to Grants Creek Bridge)

Larry's Crab Shack: 389-6492 / 389-2750 - Hard & Soft - 1st left on Fulchers Landing off of Wheeler Creek Rd. (On the Landing)

Millis Seafood: 327-4571 - 816 Mullet Ln. (On the Landing)

Sneads Ferry Seafood: 327-7741 - 235 Wheeler Creek (Next to Wheeler Creek Bridge on the Landing)



Did you know that Emeril only uses Wild Caught American Shrimp ?

Did you know that Wal-Mart has embarked on a mission, so all of their stores that have a fresh seafood section will only sell wild caught American Shrimp ?

And did you know that our local wild caught fresh seafood, does not contain "stay fresh" chemicals like farm raised imported seafood that are also fed antibiotics or other chemicals ?





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