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The Village e-news: Is sent to about over a 1000 people including local news media, news papers, TV, HOA's, Churches, County Commissioners, Local Business's, State Senators, State Representatives, surrounding Town's Officials, lots of weekenders, and of course to the great people of Sneads Ferry.

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Basics: Organization; Time; Place; Location; Phone; E-mail; Website; Price; etc.

Eligibility: Our town is founded upon Village Volunteers so that comes first, corporate / business soliciting is OK but limited.


Last night was a night to remember
For our newly crowned
Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival Queens

Miss Shrimp Queen: Alicen Farmer

Jr. Miss Shrimp Queen: Josie Thompson

Little Miss Shrimp Queen: Caraline Patane

Tiny Miss Shrimp Queen: Alexia Monclova

Baby Miss Shrimp Queen: Selma Scott


The 2011 SFSF will be held on

August 13th & 14th, 2011



“Shrimply Delicious Recipes”

Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival Cookbook

Pre Publication Order Form

Order & Pay for your Cookbook by April 1, 2011

And Save!!! Pre Pub Price $12.50 each

(After April 1, 2011 Price will be $15.00 each.)

Mail with Check to:


126 Park Lane, SF, NC


Email Orders to:



Become a

Village Volunteer

There are lots of ways that you and your family can volunteer for YOUR Village.

Community Council, Shrimp Festival, 4th of July Jubilee (cancelled until further notice), Memorial Day Parade and the list goes on and on, so get involved and give back to YOUR Village


This web site will give you a brief history of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, detail the active participating Community Council Organizations & Clubs in our quaint seafood village, and give you a calendar of events. To read more about the Organization or Clubs, click on the bar above.

Population: As reported by Onslow County Tourism, is 2248 as of 10 November 2003.

Seafood: Our seafood village annually catches over 385 tons of shrimp, 25 tons of flounder, and approximately 493 tons of other delicious seafood like clams, scallops, oysters, mullet, spots, grouper, soft shell and hard shell crabs, sea bass, etc. Information obtained from the NC Marine Fisheries, March 15, 2005. To learn more about our local fish & shrimp docks please click see the Fish Houses below.

American Shrimp: Of course our town is a strong supporter of American Shrimp, that's why we are creating a page of links to direct you to the plight of American Fishermen and American Shrimp, for now please check out www.shrimpalliance.com.

Other Interesting Shirmp Information: Please click here to find information out about Suspicious Shrimp.

We honor our local fishermen with the annual Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival the 2nd weekend every August at the Community Festival Grounds, meetings are held the 1st Wed. of every month at 7pm at the Community Center.. For more information and directions please click on the bar above. We also proudly support our Fisherman annually with the Blessing of the Fleet.

Sneads Ferry has a strong Community Council, meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm in the Community Building, located on Park Lane in beautiful, sunny, downtown Sneads Ferry (click here for directions) and all meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. For further information please call the Community Building at 910-327-3335.

Your Community ideas and suggestions are very welcomed at either meetings. Please show your support for your community, attend the meetings and get involved in how your community works.

Sneads Ferry has adopted a ZERO TOLERENCE policy towards drugs and has set up a toll free hotline 1-866-239-8067 to help make Sneads Ferry drug free.

The Sneads Ferry Community Theatre is currently working on their own website, check it out at: http://www.sneadsferrycommunitytheatre.com/

Community Calendar: Is a monthly calendar of local events and events within 50 miles of Sneads Ferry, as well as few meeting dates & times, to view the calendar please click on the bar link above.

Community Center Rental Calendar: Is a monthly calendar showing dates the center has been booked and a quick way to see which days are available for rental. (click here to view)




Are you looking for something uniquely Sneads Ferry ?

Sneads Ferry tee-shirt and hats ?
Village Hardware Store 327-3646

Sneads Ferry Yacht Club or Nautical Flags embroidered shirts ?
Sneads Beans Coffee Shop 327-0070

Sneads Ferry Wine ?
Miss Bernice Guthrie 327-4911

Sneads Ferry License Plates ?

Jaxonart 741-0065

Get these awesome uniquely Sneads Ferry items before their sold out !



******* Now Available *******

2010 Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival Wine

“Watermans White”

This is our 8th year of partnering with
Duplin Winery to create a specially blended commemorative wine for our festival.
This popular wine sells out every year
and when it’s gone it’s gone!

by Calling Miss Benise Guthrie 910-327-4911

or by e-mailing Ed Sota: esota@att.net





In addition to highlighting our Village Veterans we have local contractors & handymen who have promised to fix / stop a home emergency

and the labor will be free

if your loved one is deployed.

We won't paint the house, we won't reshingle it and we won't walk the dog but we will stop a water leak, we will patch a hole caused by a storm, etc.

You will have to foot the bill for tarps, plywood and most parts but we will get you going again.

So if your loved one is deployed and you have a home emergency in

the Sneads Ferry area please call:

Tim Supple: 327-2707

Rick with Alliance Construction: 327-0324

Casey Barnes: 327-0605

or if you live in the Wilmington area please contact:









Don't forget to get a bottle of SFSF Wine




Did you know that the Community Building has BINGO every Monday night at 6:30pm ?

And they serve delicious hot dogs, homemade deserts, sodas, etc.

For more info please call the Community Building at 327-3335




Buy American !

Buy Wild Caught Shrimp !!

Did you know that there is a law that requires grocery stores fresh seafood markets to display where your seafood is from ?

So please buy our local American Shrimp.

Since our grocery store doesn't have a fresh seafood section (because it can not compete with our fresh local seafood) you might as well buy it right from the fishing docks from our friendly local fishermen at:

Davis Seafood: 327-4081 - 155 Davis Lane (near the new river bridge)

Bowman's Seafood: 327-8931 - 137 Everett Ln. (On the Landing)

Grant's Oyster House: 327-3351 - 1142 Old Folkstone Rd. (next to Grants Creek Bridge)

Millis Seafood: 327-4571 - 816 Mullet Ln. (On the Landing)

Sneads Ferry Seafood: 327-7741 - 235 Wheeler Creek (next to Wheeler Creek Bridge on the Landing)

Everett's Seafood: 327-2216 - 121 Hall Point Rd (behind Riverview Cafe')

Larry's Crab Shack: 389-6492 / 389-2750 - Hard & Soft - 1st left on Fulchers Landing off of Wheeler Creek Rd. (On the Landing)








Coming soon: Home of the wave, we all know that everyone waves to everyone here, so why not show your pride, catch the wave and share it. I will be taking picture of people waving and posting it as a slide show on the website, so watch out, you just may be on it.





The SF Beautification Committee is now selling

2010 Dining & Value guide books

to raise money for the banner program.

There are two different versions of the book to cover SF to Sunset Beach and the other book will cover Jax. to New Bern. The books will give you 2 for 1, or discounts on meals, electronic stores, home improvement stores, golf, etc.

To purchase the books please call 327-1069 / 0556 / 0716 / 2435.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Volunteers are now needed for the 2010 SFSF, please visit www.sneadsferryshrimpfestival.com for details or call the Chairman


Please, also view the Community Calander and Area Happenings in the bar at the top of this page.


History of Sneads Ferry: We need historical data for inclusion in our Community Website, if you have a list of Sneads Ferry Bridge Tenders, other historical information or photos please call Tim Supple 910-327-2707.

Legends of Sneads Ferry: If you know something that should be considered a Legend of Sneads Ferry, please call Tim Supple 910-327-2707.

**NEW ** Streets of Sneads Ferry: Do you know how some of the streets in Sneads Ferry got their name ?? Peru Rd; John Everett Rd: Old Breece Rd; Old Folkstone Rd; Poverty Point; Soft Crab Lane; Crab Shell Lane; etc. If you know how roads in SF got their name please let me know for a new section in YOUR COMMUNITY WEBSITE.

**NEW**Graves of Sneads Ferry: Do you know of any graves in Sneads Ferry ?? I know of at least 5 inside of Fulchers Landing, I would love for someone to do a short study story on all of the Grave yards in Sneads Ferry. Most are kept clean but some are unknown, over grown, obscured and neglected, like the one on my neighbors property where you can't even see the stones through the over growth. There's another one located in the back woods off of Hwy 210 near Dixon Elementry School that still has slave markers. Lets have a page on our community website that lists all of the grave yards and lets keep them clean. If your interested in helping with this project, please contact Tim at 910-327-2707.

Web site sponsors: If you would like to become a sponsor please call Tim Supple 910-327-2707.

Community Building & Grounds: to rent the 7000 sqft community building and 7 acre park (click here) or call 327-3335 you can also click to see (available dates.)

Save the Inlets: http://www.fryingpantower.com, then click on the save the inlets icon. This site also has great nautical information for Boaters, Anglers, Buoy info, Weather, Reef locations, etc, etc, etc, it's a great site.


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